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About Steve Stewart

Steve Stewart After getting his Shito Ryu in 1973, Professor Steve Stewart achieved his 1st Dan in Shito Kai while in Hungary in April 2006!

Professor Stewart is the highest ranked American Kenpo (8th Dan) and Kyusho-Jitsu (9th Dan) Martial Artist in Canada. He formerly served as both the Canadian Rep for the WKKA (Worldwide Kenpo Karate Association) and International Director. Professor Stewart was also a member of the WKKA National Demonstration Team (1996 - 2001) and performed at many major events in both Canada and the United States. His introduction to the Martial Arts dates back to August 1973.

Professor Stewart has been in a number of martial arts magazines over the years including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Budo, Martial Arts Business on-line and most recently on the cover of Martial Arts Professional Magazine (December 2004 Issue). Professor Stewart has also been in martial arts magazines in Australia, Europe and France. He has been interviewed by local televison (Rogers Cable) and a guest on "Breakfast Television". In April of 2003 he was recruited by Blue Dragon Entertainment to have a role in a film titled "TRANSFORMED". He conducts seminars all over the world to all styles of the martial arts adding the art of Kyusho to their discipline, even as a Kenpo Stylist himself, the art of Kyusho (Pressure Point Combat) can elevate ones level of knowledge within their art by 200%. His furture plans after completing his Doctorate include more movies and write a series of books. Over the years he has studied and received black belts in several disciplines, but finds Kenpo to be a very logical approach to street self defense.


Professor Wally Jay (Small Circle Ju-Jitsu), Professor Remy Presas (Modern Arnis), Mr. George Dillman (DKI), Mr. Joe Palanzo (President : WKKA), Mr. Dan Severn (UFC Champion) Mr. Frank Shamrock (UFC Championship), Mr. Joe Lewis,(Father of American Kick Boxing), and many others.

Professor Stewart trains with Mr. Frank Trejo (10th Degree American Kenpo). Professor Trejo ran The Mr. Parker Studio in Pasadena California, traveled with Mr. Parker regularly to other countries and won the Long Beach Internationals in Sparring 19 times. He was also a former head coach of the Budwiser Karate Demonstration team in the mid 80's.


Martial Arts Accomplishments:

1st Dan : Shito Kai
2nd Degree : Modern Arnis
2nd Degree : Tae Kwon Do ITF Style
8th Degree : American Kenpo (highest Ranked in Canada)
9th Degree : Kyusho-Jitsu (Highest Ranked in Canada) Canadian Representative : DKI
WKKA Demonstration Team (1996-2001)
Certified Instructor of Small Circle Ju-jitsu
WKKA International Director (Reported directly to Mr Joe Polanzo) (1995-2002)
International Director for European Kyusho Academy (EKA), est. 2007
International Director for Kyusho Australia (KA), est. 2008
Founder for Kyusho-Jitsu Canada (Combat Pressure Points), est. 2003

Awards / Degrees:

Professor Stewart is a Licenced Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and is a member of the CANADIAN EXAMINING BOARD OF HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS

Professor Steve Stewart is a member of the M.A.T.A. (Martial Arts Teachers Association) Board of Advisors. Click here for their website.

Steve Stewart